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In addition to offering standalone solutions such as the Data Wallet, Organisation Wallet, and Consent Management in both on-premises and Platform-as-a-Service formats, provides a Data Intermediation Service Provider (DISP) as a service. This service enables consented data exchanges through the integration of digital wallets and consent management within automated workflows. Fully compliant with the EU Data Governance Act, it ensures regulatory adherence and empowers individuals in both exposing and consuming personal data. This overview underscores the capabilities of the DISP platform, which is ideally suited for applications that incorporate personal data into their functionalities.

Data Intermediation Service Provider (DISP)

A Data Intermediation Service Provider (DISP) facilitates the secure and efficient exchange of data among various parties (e.g., organisations - both data sources (issuers), data using services (verfiers), individuals), as outlined in the EU Data Governance Act. DISPs provide platforms and technical means for Data Sources (Issuers or Data Producers), Data Using Services (Verifiers or Data Consumers), and Individuals to exchange data, ensure compliance with data protection regulations, and support data subjects in exercising their rights.

Key Features

The key capabilities of DISP platform includes the following:

  • Based on Data Exchange Agreement Framework build over ISO27560: Provides state of the art regulatory compliance and digital rights management including consents based on ISO27560. Read more on the framework in our IEEE published paper.

  • Support for multiple digital wallet Profiles: Accommodates a diverse range of credentialing needs supporting eIDAS2.0 (OpenID) and Aries Interop Profile.

  • Web Hooks Enables real-time notifications and automatic updates within digital wallet workflows, enhancing efficiency and user experience by syncing transaction events instantly.

For developers looking to integrate these features, refer to the Get Started with Data Intermediation Service Development guide.

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