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This section provides a comprehensive overview of all concepts and articles related to the product offerings at It encompasses specific products, standards, and regulatory frameworks relevant to our services.

Articles and Key Concepts

Explore key articles that detail the various aspects of our product offerings. Use the sidebar to easily navigate through the different sections.

Data Intermediation Service Provider (DISP)

The DISP page delves into a critical component under the EU Data Governance Act. As a Data Intermediation Service Provider, facilitates structured data sharing between various parties. Key responsibilities include:

  • Providing platforms for robust data exchanges.
  • Supporting data subjects in exercising their rights under EU data protection laws.
  • Ensuring all compliance measures are met prior to service provision.

Standardisation in Data Handling

Data Agreements

Our Data Agreements page outlines the comprehensive framework we use to process personal data. This ensures both compliance with legal standards and transparency throughout the data lifecycle. Key stages covered include:

  • Definition of terms and conditions.
  • Execution and management of agreements.
  • Auditing and compliance checks.

Data Disclosure Agreements

The Data Disclosure Agreements section sheds light on the automated processes involved in data agreements during exchanges. It highlights the roles of assessors and auditors who ensure:

  • Security in data transactions.
  • Transparency and accountability in disclosures.

Use the provided links to access detailed information on each topic and learn more about how supports your data governance needs.