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Overview and Getting Started is a data exchange platform that helps organisations to access personal data in a sustainable and human-centric manner. Using’s data exchange services, organisations gain access to verifiable, auditable and data regulatory compliant personal data. Every data exchange has an associated Data Agreement (DA) that records conditions for an organization to process personal data in accordance with data regulations, such as the GDPR.

The key value propositions offered by the platform are:

  • Enable organisations to break their data silos, expose their own data and gain access to high-quality personal data by providing transparency and empowering users to control data usage.

  • Compliance by design reducing the risk of non-compliance to data regulation when it comes to personal data usage, by linking Data Agreements to a legally endorsed Data Process Impact Assessment (DPIA) process.

  • End-user SDKs (e.g. Data Wallets, User preference centre) that can be embedded into existing mobile applications and portals.

This documentation lays out how any organisation can leverage the microservices developed by to gain access to personal data while reducing the risk of non-compliance with data protection regulations while empowering individuals to share their personal data within an auditable data governance framework. It also explains the key functional elements of as a MyData Operator. is a certified MyData Operator and is committed to adhere to MyData principles of ensuring human-centricity in digitalisation. Being the co-founders of MyData Operator initiative, continues to drive a fully interoperable, decentralised network of data operators that enables consented data sharing and exchange within a personal data ecosystem.

As a certified MyData Operator, services are mapped to the MyData Operator reference model as laid out in the MyData Global Operator whitepaper.