Skip to main content offers Data Wallet (For Individuals) as SDKs that can be integrated into an organisation's existing mobile apps, enriching them with digital wallet or dApp capabilities. It is also avaialble at as a standalone app as well, downloadable from the App Store and Google Play, primarily used for trials and demonstrations.

This solution enables individuals to store and manage their personal and sensitive data, providing wallet functions with an enhanced user experience. Such features make it particularly suitable for organisations looking to offer their users comprehensive control over their data, whether through direct app downloads or through seamless integration into their existing services.

Key Features

  • Interoperability: Seamlessly integrates with existing systems and supports data portability across different platforms supporting OpenID4VCI/OpenID4VP (JWT/SD-JWT) as well as Aries RFCs.

  • Support for Multiple Trust Achnors: The wallet support multiple trust anchors, both ledgers and non-ledger ones. The ledger trust anchor support include European Blockchain Service Infrastructure, IDUnion, Sovrin, NordXDataspace etc.)

  • Support for Multiple EAAs: The wallet features a modular architecture that integrates various EAAs, seamlessly incorporating new types without significant system overhauls.

  • Usability and Accessibility: A user-centric design prioritises intuitive navigation, search, stacked credential interaction, facilitating easy management and presentation of EAAs, straightforward visuals, and minimal steps for access or sharing.

  • Security and Data Privacy: All EAAs will be protected through cryptographic functions that are compliant with SOG-IS/BSI CSP2 security standards, ensuring user data remains secure in transit and at rest. The privacy considerations will adhere to the eIDAS2 requirements, addressing critical issues of unobservability and unlinkability.

  • Branding Flexibility: Organisations can do custom branding of credentials to maintain their brand identity in the wallet, enhancing trust and recognition within the ecosystem.

  • Online and In-Person Use: The EAAs are designed for dual-purpose functionality, effective in online and in-person transactions, and facilitated through QR codes and NFC taps for easy sharing and verification across all interaction modes.