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The Organisation Wallet by facilitates the issuance and verification of verifiable credentials based on the eIDAS 2.0 framework, incorporating the latest amendments and ARF (EU Architectural Reference Framework) guidelines. The platform is available as an on-premise solution and a Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS), making it suitable for applications requiring issuing or verifying credentials. It supports various types of credentials, including PID (Personal Identity Data), LPID (Legal Person Identity Data), EAAs (Electronic Attribute Attestations), and QEAAs (Qualified Electronic Attribute Attestations).

Key Features

The key capabilities of Enterprise Wallet (For Organisations) include:

  • Interoperability: Seamlessly integrates with existing systems and supports data portability across different platforms supporting OpenID4VCI/OpenID4VP (JWT/SD-JWT) as well as Aries RFCs.

  • Support for Multiple Trust Anchors: The wallet support multiple trust anchors, both ledgers and non-ledger ones. The ledger trust anchor support include European Blockchain Service Infrastructure, IDUnion, Sovrin, NordXDataspace etc.)

  • Support for Multiple EAAs: The wallet features a modular architecture that integrates various EAAs, seamlessly incorporating new types without significant system overhauls.

  • Security and Data Privacy: All EAAs will be protected through cryptographic functions that are compliant with SOG-IS/BSI CSP2 security standards, ensuring user data remains secure in transit and at rest. The privacy considerations will adhere to the eIDAS2 requirements, addressing critical issues of unobservability and unlinkability.

  • Webhook Support: This feature enables real-time notifications and automatic updates within digital wallet workflows, enhancing efficiency and user experience by syncing transaction events instantly.

Deployment Option: On-Premise

In the on-premise option, you can deploy the dockerised images on your local server or your own cloud.

Key Storage
  • Secure Vault
  • Configure own HSM-as-a-service
  • Bring your own HSM
  • Custom Security Key like FIDO2
Credential StorageEncrypted Storage (SQLite Cypher)Bring your own credential storage
Metadata StorageMongoDB / PostgreSQLNot Configurable
Identity ManagementPre-Built IDAM (KeyCloak)OpenID Connect or SAML
InfrastructureAny K8s Cluster: RedPill Linpro (Sweden), GCP, AWS or Azure

Deployment Option: PaaS

In the platform-as-a-service option, the service is managed by with certain level of configurability.

Key Secure VaultConfigure own HSM-as-a-service
Credential StorageEncrypted Storage (SQLite Cypher)Not Configurable
Metadata StorageMongoDB / PostgreSQLNot Configurable
Identity ManagementPre-Built IDAM (KeyCloak)OpenID Connect or SAML
InfrastructureK8s Cluster w/ Region SelectionAny K8s Cluster: RedPill Linpro (Sweden),
GCP, AWS, or Azure

Try out

To explore our Organisation Wallet by, please contact to gain access. Our team will assist you in setting up and navigating the features tailored for enterprise use.