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The MyData Operator (Also known as the Data Intermediation service provider as per the EU Data Governance Act) user guide primarily describes the platform functions for organisations and individuals. The purpose of this is to help any organisation admins with the on-boarding proces onto the platform and use the various services offered as a MyData Operator.

Architectural overview

The overall platform with software components delivering services are as illustrated below.

User interfaces supports Operator admins, Organisations admins (Data Source and Data Using Service admins) as well as individuals. The supported user interfaces are as given:

Operator interface

This is towards operator admins and super admins to allow infratructure owner roles.

Enterprise dashboard

The platform provides a SaaS admin portal for all Data Sources and Data Using Services to self-onboard to Here, the administrator is able to perform admin functions that include:

  • Self-onboarding and configuring the look and feel of organisational page for individuals
  • Viewing/modifying/deleting data agreements and publish them to individuals
  • Viewing/modifying/deleting data exchange agreements and compliance to the GDPR, and facilitating integrations between Data Sources and Data Using Services
  • Simplifying admin queries for consents, with view/download options etc.
  • Sending notifications to individuals (e.g., data breaches as per GDPR requirements)
  • Configuring webhooks for a number of event types (e.g., GDPR data subject requests)
  • Automated deployment of Cloudagents with trust anchor configured.

User preference center

Apart from providing all services as RESTful APIs, the platform also provides out-of-the-box mobile SDKs (iOS and Android) and ReactJS portals that can be automatically deployed once the data agreement models are defined in the Enterprise Dashboard.

Web portal

All functions with the mobile SDK are also available via a web portal (with multiple language support) and include a user preference centre, data rights management and the ability to view the data agreement logs.

MyData Operator layer


All services are available as RESTful APIs that can be integrated to existing IT systems. The APIs are published at and are segregated according to MyData Operator functional elements.

Core backend components

As a certified MyData Operator, platform components are mapped to the MyData Operator reference model as laid out in the MyData Global Operator whitepaper [3]. is committed to adhering to the MyData principles of ensuring human-centricity in digitalisation and continues to drive a fully interoperable, decentralised network of data operators that enables consented data sharing and exchange within a personal data ecosystem.

External systems

Apart from connecting to different Data Source (s) and Data Using Service (s), the platform provides integrations to external identity providers as well enable connections to third party ledgers (e.g. an organisations own ledger or nation wide or global ledgers).


For organisations

Once registered with,the MyData Operator platform, the admin user can self-define the organisation profle (logo, cover image, description etc.), and follows the steps as illustrated below.

All APIs are defined at Developer page.

The webhook based notification services allow organisations to monitor and take actions for various events it is subscribed to.

For individuals

The User of an organisation can access their personal data dashboard and data wallets via the organisations mobile app or webportal.