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Personal data portal

Apart from providing all services as RESTful APIs, the platform also provides ReactJS portals that can be automatically deployed once the data agreement models are defined in the Enterprise Dashboard. This comes with multiple language support and include a user preference centre, data rights management and the ability to view the data agreement logs.

User preference center

This provides individuals total transparency on what data is being used by the organisation down to the attribute level. Here, individuals can mark their preferences and choices concerning the sharing and controlling of their data down to the level of attributes and how they are used. The portal allows users to exercise their data subject rights in accordance with the GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation).

Data subject rights

The user portal provides the individual user to make specific personal data requests towards organisations and providing a way for follow up, for example based on GDPR Data Subject Requests as per GDPR Chaper 3 Articles.

The specific web-based requests that needs workflow integrations are as given:

Data agreement logs

Here, all consents and data exchange transaction logs can be accessed by the user at any point of time.