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AbbrExpanded form
ADAAutomated Data Agreements
ARFEuropean Digital Identity Wallet Architecture and Reference Framework
CRUDCreate / Read / Update / Delete
DAData Agreement
DDAData Disclosure Agreement
DGAData Governance Act
DIDDecentralized Identifier (according to W3C)
DPIAData Protection Impact Assessment
DSData Source
DUSData Using Service
EAAElectronic Attestation of Attributes
EEAEuropean Economic Area
EUEuropean Union
EUDIWEuropean Digital Identity Wallet
GDPRGeneral Data Protection Regulation
ISOInternational Organization for Standardization
JSONJavaScript Object Notation
LoALevel of Assurance
OID4VCOpenID for Verifiable Credentials
OID4VCIOpenID for Verifiable Credentials Issuance
OID4VPOpenID for Verifiable Presentation
OPOpenID Provider
PIDPerson Identification Data
PKIPublic Key Infrastructure
QEEAQualified Electronic Attestation of Attributes
QESQualified Electronic Signatures
QTSPQualified Trust Service Provider
RPRelying Party
SD-JWTSelective Disclosure for JWT
SD-JWT VCSD-JWT-based Verifiable Credentials
SDKSoftware Development Kit
SESecure Element
SIOPSelf-issued OpenID Provider
SSISelf Sovereign Identity
ToIPTrust over Internet Protocol
TSPTrust Service Provider
UCUse case
VCVerifiable Credential
VCIVerifiable Credentials Issuance
VPVerifiable Presentation
W3CWorld Wide Web Consortium