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Here are the steps for issuing credentials in-time (or immediately) using OpenID for Verifiable Credentials Issuance (OID4VCI).

Step 1: Get the API Key (Issuer Admin)

To get the API key contact

Step 2: Issue Credential (Issuer)

Copy the code block below to issue credential in InTime issuance mode. Execute the API available here.

"issuanceMode": "InTime",
"userPin": "",
"credential": {
"type": [
"credentialSubject": {
"identifier": "123400-7899",
"legalName": "Bygg AB"

Step 3: Receive Credential Offer (Holder)

The holder wallet can receive the credential offer in the following ways:

  • Using your Data Wallet (or any other Digital Wallet: From the response, use the credentialOffer and generate the QR code here using plain text option
  • Using your Organisation Wallet (or similar).

Try It Yourself (With Demo Video)

Watch the below demo to learn issue credential API and try it out yourselves: