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Here are the steps for issuing credentials to a connection using Aries Interop Profile (AIP).

Step 1: Get the API Key (Issuer Admin)

To get the API key contact

Step 2: Issue Credential (Issuer)

Copy the code block below to issue credential. Execute the API available here.

Issue LPID
"comment": "LPID",
"autoRemove": false,
"trace": false,
"connectionId": "e0aead80-b2cb-477f-ac62-801c9d0ff841",
"credentialPreview": {
"@type": "did:sov:BzCbsNYhMrjHiqZDTUASHg;spec/issue-credential/1.0/credential-preview",
"attributes": [
"name": "identifier",
"value": "123400-7899"
"name": "legalName",
"value": "Bygg AB"
"autoIssue": true,
"credDefId": "RyHM8SzLe9NtRBXVZ7fyvj:3:CL:67220:default",
"dataAgreementId": "489d1d3d-6d57-4898-bcbc-42959245f5b4"

Step 3: Receive Credential Offer (Holder)

The holder wallet will receive the credential offer preview as a notification and can accept/reject it.